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Time to get up in ARMS

It's time to get up in ARMS! Hey its everyones favorite bodypart. It's the first bodypart you show someone (most of the time). You stick it out the window when you drive. You flex when your eating a hamburger.

If your chick get near your arm you flex it with lighting speed. So how to make them grow you ask? Try this eight week program if your at a sticking point or just want to add a ½ inch. Work bi's and tri's together, start with a couple of warm up sets, your choice,

then get ready. Go with heavy straight bar curls, not kind of heavy, but bend over backwards heavy; 3 sets of 5.
In between each set grab the dumbells and do hammer curls 15 reps. Then head to the flat bench and do heavy close grips; heavy enough to use a spotter, 3 sets of 5 and between each set do dumbell kickbacks for 15 reps.

Ok, blood should be pumping now, hit heavy dumbells, set down this time cause your backs probably sore, and do 4 sets of 8, jump on the dip bars and knock out 4 sets of 10. Lets finish off with standing cable curls; say 2 sets of 15. Do these looking in the mirror so you can watch'em grow. The last 2 sets do cable push downs for 2 sets of 15 and flex that tri at the bottom.

I guess here is where I should tell you to be carefull with the standing curls, don't throw your back out. When you're done it should be hard to scratch the back of your neck, or shave your face, or comb your hair. If not then start over cause your a sissy!!!! and remember- IT'S NOT HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU USE IT'S HOW YOU USE THE WEIGHT(sometimes).

A special thanks to T.L.Cook for providing this entertaining article

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