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He Don't Know Squat

Do you ever wonder why girls have such better looking legs than guys? Do you have the upper body of Bulto, and the legs of Gilligin? By now you know where I'm going; SQUATS, thats right girls squat every day!

Squats will do more for your overall body shape and cardio than any other lift. I have heard all kinds of reasons not to squat. Like my foot hurts. I have bad knees. My back is broken in three places. I had to blow my nose two weeks ago. You get the idea, quit whining big baby!

Ok enough of my badgering, I have learned from my personal workout that if I atleast keep my squats equal with my bench and deadlift I develop better and have a more well-rounded workout. So unless you guys out there want to squat everytime you go to the restroom, you need to hit it at the gym. And always remember, IT'S NOT HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU USE, IT'S HOW YOU USE THE WEIGHT!

A special thanks to T.L.Cook for providing this article

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