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Slow Down Already

Hey, what can I do to get big? Hey, I want to be ripped... Hey, I just want to get into shape. When I am asked these questions I will always give the same answer, GET STARTED NOW!

One of my favorite sayings goes like this; Good things come to those who Weight, cool huh! So what is the most important thing in getting started? FORM, if you ain't got form stay home, I would rather see a guy bench 200lbs with perfect form than a guy let 300lbs descend at 500mph, bounce it off his chest compressing his chest to 3/4 inch and slamming it back into the rack with enough force to bend 6 inch steel. That's just not impressive. Not only will the guy with bad form end up being hurt, but the rest of the guys will be laughing when they haul him out because he broke off the tip of his sternum.

In all your lifts, be sure you use proper form. With proper form you will get proper definition and shape of muscle.


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